Customer Success Specialist

About Us

ChapterSpot is a growing technology company based in the Central Business District of New Orleans. We work in a fast-paced industry and set high expectations for our team and the growth of the company. Our goal is to transform our clients through our innovative technologies. Apply today!

ChapterSpot's Mission

ChapterSpot is a web application that makes it easy for member-based organizations to manage their memberships. There are millions of membership organizations, and many of them are as sophisticated and complex as large companies. However, unlike the big companies, these groups don’t have the same technology, budget, or staffing to help them manage their membership effectively. Our application helps these groups collect their dues, schedule events, launch their website, send out messages, track membership, and much more. Since 2010, we’ve grown to service thousands of groups across the country. It’s our mission to help all types of organizations - from service-based, religious, higher-education clubs and neighborhood associations.

Position Summary

We’re looking to hire passionate individuals as Customer Success Specialists. The mission of this position is to improve our customer’s satisfaction and experience on ChapterSpot. The role of Customer Success Specialist is instrumental in helping the company achieve these three missions:

  1. Create a better customer/user experience for our customers; make it awesome to be a customer of ChapterSpot. Assist our customers in implementing ChapterSpot and making it an essential factor to the success of their organization. Develop new systems, processes, and digital assets that help our customers realize more and more value from ChapterSpot.
  2. Support ChapterSpot’s many daily operations, processes and procedures. Observe and measure these processes to identify opportunities to improve their efficiency, with the goal of continually increasing the happiness of our customers, and to make it easier for the company to scale its growth. As needed, help out in a variety of ways (QA, focus groups, training, support, error checking, etc..) to help our customers achieve success. Actively identify opportunities to improve our services and products so we can provide more value to our customers.
  3. Help grow ChapterSpot’s customer base by assisting the sales department on an as needed basis. As the company grows, you’ll serve as a resource for the sales team.

Your Responsibilities

You play multiple roles, sometimes on the same day. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Running ChapterSpot’s customer success, onboarding, and retention programs
  • Communicating with ChapterSpot customers through incoming and outbound phone calls, text messages and email.
  • Updating the technology used and our digital assets (such as our blog)
  • Running and managing routine systems and processes (i.e. Backups)

What ChapterSpot will provide to you

Applicants who master the ChapterSpot Customer Success position should expect:

  • Firsthand knowledge of how a company operates internally
  • Experience working with large national and international non-profits
  • Training on software many businesses use
  • Ability to present new opportunities and initiatives for the company
  • Real responsibilities and customer interaction experience
  • Opportunity to advance your career

Education and/or Experience:

Applicants should have the following:

  • 2 or more years of relevant work experience (customer support/success or sales)
  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree

General Knowledge, Technical Skills, Abilities:

  • Proficient writing and communication skills
  • Very personable, maintains a positive and optimistic attitude
  • Very comfortable talking on the phone
  • Competitive; likes challenges
  • Action and task-oriented
  • Highly detailed and organized
  • Comfortable using spreadsheets
  • Wants to be evaluated based on performance and successful outcomes

Join us this Summer

ChapterSpot is looking to hire candidates starting in June or July of 2016. Applications are due April 10th, 2016.

Apply Now!

Please submit your resume to, and include “Applicant for Customer Success Specialist” in the subject line.

Local Candidates Only.